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Monia's Special Time
Monia's Special Time
Here we are! It's finally coming the time for you to share along me and my pictures one of the most exciting times ever I did live: Monia and Mauro's marriage, held on May, the 21st of May 2005 . It has been a fabulous day: sunny, happy... just amazing, just as we all wished them to live. Well this site starts from batchelorette party, from the 14th of May actually. I chose this type of album to let you all write down your thoughts and impression on all this loving time. Basically, to share with me my joy for my beloved friends :)
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Batchelorette Party Time! 
so.. here I am...just a few minutes before going to Monia's batchelorette party.. her last saturday as "no wife" deserved a very special gesture by me... so I did CUT my hair. Yep.. now they are that short ;) Monia loves them, and so do Chiara , Ilaria and everyone else around me.. but believe... it has been a sacrifice ;) But for a friend like Monia, I am not regretting any of what I have done :) Let's roll into saturday 14th of May chronicles! I am your "Moschino-dressed" host ;)