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Monia's Special Time
Monia's Special Time
Here we are! It's finally coming the time for you to share along me and my pictures one of the most exciting times ever I did live: Monia and Mauro's marriage, held on May, the 21st of May 2005 . It has been a fabulous day: sunny, happy... just amazing, just as we all wished them to live. Well this site starts from batchelorette party, from the 14th of May actually. I chose this type of album to let you all write down your thoughts and impression on all this loving time. Basically, to share with me my joy for my beloved friends :)
All images in these pages are exclusive property of Cioni Melania, aka gallimel. It's FORBIDDEN to use them in ANY way or manner unless after approval of Miss Cioni herself. All pictures have been reduced for a quicker loading but I still possess larger files for artistic purposes, if their request and project will match my taste, and that of the people portraited. Any infraction will lead to legal actions
I had to start with...lollypop 
I did knew this /which isn't shockin at all... CAMON!!!) would have caused her a drama .. she tried to cover that lil thing for ten minutes... oh dear! There must be a way for you to admit like every other woman.. you did like that ;) and I could have been WAY more explicit .. but I'll leave that to Ilaria's time ;) there was a nurse dress in the sexy shop that was AWESOME ;) ehehe :P